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GradeCore is a site that gives teachers and students the tools needed to promote student success -- timely and accurate academic feedback.

It does this by automating the grading process, so that teachers only need a simple fax machine or scanner to grade exams. The site also provides the student with feedback, via email, that includes an analysis of correct and incorrect answers, a copy of the exam (if provided) and a copy a their completed answer sheet. GradeCore also tracks student progress so that instructors and students know where the student stands at any time.

The company's patent pending technology makes it simple for teachers to get what they need with speed and accuracy. There is no need for expensive equipment, such as proprietary scanners. All the user needs is a simple scanner or fax machine. GradeCore also makes it easy for instructors to give multiple versions of a test. All student information is coded on their individual bubble sheet (answer form). Instructors can simply assign specific tests to select groups of students.

GradeCore also includes QuesBowl--a tool that gives instructors instant student feedback and a companion student portal. Using QuesBowl, instructors can text or email questions to students. QuesBowl is an ideal addition to any participatory class environment or as an alternative to traditional homework. Using GradeCore's student portal, students can view exam results, communicate with their instructor and answer QuesBowl questions.

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